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Site Map

       University of Colorado Health
            Contact Us
                 Family Medicine Residency Program
                      Program Overview
                      Family Medicine Residents
                      Call System
                      Family Medicine Center
                      Applying and Interviewing
                      Compensation and Benefits
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                      About Fort Collins, Loveland and northern Colorado
            Find a Doctor
            My Health Connection
            UCHealth News
                 CO Flood Resources
                 High Park Fire: Tips and Resources
                 Wildfires and Health
                      High Park fire air quality tips
                      Helping children cope with natural disasters
                 HealthyU Tips
                      Use the SMART plan to set goals
                      Five tips to beat the holiday bulge
                      Should I go to urgent care or the emergency room?
                      Healthy BBQ tips for summer
                           Healthy BBQ tips for summer - recipes
                      Five reasons water is so important to your health
                      How a wildfire can affect your health
                      Should I stretch before or after I work out?
                      Superfoods taste great and are good for you.
                      How to protect your child's hearing
                      How to properly insert ear plugs
                      How to prepare your body for an active Colorado summer
                      Does your child's bike helmet really fit?
                 Online chat
                      Chat archive
                           Flu chat with Dr. Deric McIntosh
                           Concussion chat with Dr. Matt Ptaszkiewicz
                 Social Media at University of Colorado Health
                      App for iPhone, iPad and Android
                      Twittercast FAQs
                 PV Health Newsletter
            Guests and Visitors
                 Poudre Valley Hospital Visitors and Guests
                      For Patients
                           Visiting Hours
                           Admission Process
                           Billing and Insurance
                                Billing and Insurance - Charity Care
                                Understanding hospital-based billing
                           Financial Counselors
                           Patient Rights, HIPAA, Advance Directives
                           Patient Safety and Care
                           Environmental Health & Safety
                           Medication Education
                           What to Bring
                           Organ and Tissue Donation
                           Public Transportation
                           Universal Medication Form
                           What to Expect
                           Food and Nutrition Services
                           Pain Management
                           Pastoral Care
                           Patient Representatives and Counselors
                           Concierge Services
                           In Your Room
                           Smoking Policy
                           Flowers, Newspapers and Mail
                           Internet access
                           Gift Shops and ATM
                           Interpreter Services
                           Discharge Planning
                           Medical Records
                      For Visitors
                           Visiting Hours
                           Public Transportation
                           Cafeteria and Vending Machines
                           Area Restaurants
                 Medical Center of the Rockies Visitors and Guests
                      For Patients
                           Admission Process
                           Billing and Insurance
                                Charity Care
                                Understanding hospital-based billing
                           Financial Counselors
                           Patient Rights, HIPAA, Advance Directives
                           Environmental Health & Safety
                           What to Bring
                           Organ and Tissue Donation
                           Public Transportation
                           Universal Medication Form
                           What to Expect
                           Food and Nutrition Services
                           Pain Management
                           Spiritual Care
                           Patient Representatives and Counselors
                           Concierge Services
                           In Your Room
                           Smoking Policy
                           Flowers, Newspapers and Mail
                           Internet Access
                           Interpreter Services
                           Discharge Planning
                           Medical Records
                      For Visitors
                           Visiting Hours
                           Cafeteria and Vending Machines
                           Gift Shops and ATM
                           Area Restaurants
                           Smoking Policy
                 Maps and Directions
                      Poudre Valley Hospital maps
                      Medical Center of the Rockies maps
                      Poudre Valley Health System Harmony Campus maps
                      Clinic maps
                      Interactive Map and Directions
                 Notice of Privacy Practices
            Foundation and Volunteers
                      Medical Center of the Rockies cookbook project
                 PVH and MCR Foundation
                      Foundation Events
                      Ways to Give
                           PVH and MCR Corporate Partners
                      Board Members
                      Friends of the Foundation
                      Guardian Angel Program
                      Contact Us
            About UC Health
                 FAQ: Hepatitis C
                 PVHS-UCH partnership
                      Benefits of a PVHS-UCH partnership
                      Community frequently asked questions
                           FAQ: Memorial Health System joins University of Colorado Health
                      Employee frequently asked questions
                      Physician frequently asked questions
                 Be a smart patient
                 Contact Us
                 Mission, Vision and Values
                 Charity Care
                 Communities We Serve
                      Fort Collins
                      Hospitals and Clinics in Loveland, Colorado
                           Cheyenne, Wyoming
                           Laramie, Wyoming
                      Board of Directors
                           Dan Stroh
                           Chris Osborn
                           Christine Chin
                           Dr. James Sprowell
                           Thaine Michie
                           Dr. Todd Sorensen
                           Laurie Steele
                           Mike Dellenbach
                           Joe Hendrickson
                           Dennis Houska
                      Senior Management Group
                           Bonnie Clipper
                           Stephanie Doughty
                           George Hayes
                           Dr. William Neff
                           Donna D. Poduska
                           Dr. Michael Randle
                           Dan Robinson
                           Grace Taylor
                           Kevin Unger
                           David Wood
                           Russell J. Woolley
                      Physician Leadership
                 Baldrige National Quality Award
                      Videos: Baldrige National Quality Award
                 Nonprofit Status
                 Center for Performance Excellence
                      Sharing Days
                           Baldrige Sharing Days
                 Joint Ventures
                 To Report a Problem to the Joint Commission
                 Institutional Review Board
            Awards and Recognition
            Video Player
            Always Local
            Conditions We Treat
            Medical Clinics
                 Clinics By Medical Specialty
                      Allergy and Immunology
                      Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
                      Ear, Nose and Throat
                      Family Medicine in Northern Colorado
                      General surgery
                      Internal Medicine
                      Obstetrics and Gynecology
                      Occupational Health
                           Location, Hours and Appointment Information
                           Immunizations for Children
                           Concussions in Children
                           Sun Safety
                      Urgent care clinics
                 Fort Collins clinics
                 Loveland clinics
                 Greeley clinics
                      Greeley clinics
                 Windsor clinics
                 Estes Park clinics
                 Sterling clinics
                 Cheyenne clinics
                 Colorado Health Medical Group
                 Independent Community Clinics in northern Colorado
            Bariatric Surgery
                 About Bariatric Center of the Rockies
                 Weight-Loss Surgery: Am I a Candidate?
                 Weight-loss surgery
                      Insurance and the Cost of Bariatric Surgery
                           Physician-Supervised Diet and Exercise Program Sample
                      Diet After Bariatric Surgery
                      Meet Our Bariatric Doctors and Team
                      Bariatric Surgery Patient Outcome Data
                      The Leader in Colorado for Bariatric Surgery
                      Considering Bariatric Surgery near Denver?
                 Video testimonials: Bariatric surgery
                 Gastric Bypass Surgery
                      Gastric Bypass Surgery Complications and Risks
                      Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery
                      Insurance and the Cost of Gastric Bypass
                      Diet After Bariatric Surgery
                      Meet Our Gastric Bypass Doctors and Team
                 Laparoscopic Band Surgery (LAP-BAND®)
                      LAP-BAND® Surgery Complications and Risks
                      LAP-BAND® Surgery Benefits
                      Insurance and the Cost of LAP-BAND®
                      Meet Our LAP-BAND® Surgery Doctors and Team
                      Diet After Bariatric Surgery
                 Sleeve gastrectomy
                 Adolescent Bariatric Program
                      Are You and Your Child Ready for Bariatric Surgery?
                      Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Patient Outcome Data
                 Types of bariatric surgery: Which is right for me?
                 Bariatric Patient Navigator Program
                 Patient Information
                      FAQ's about weight-loss-surgery
                      How do I prepare for weight-loss surgery?
                      What to expect during your surgery and stay
                      What can I expect after surgery?
                      Lodging for Bariatric Center of the Rockies patients
                      Panniculectomy and Revisional Surgical Services
                      Coming from Denver for Treatment
                      Driving from Cheyenne and Laramie Wyoming
                      Bariatric Patient Resources
                      Obesity Problems Among Adults
                      Obesity Problems Among Children and Teenagers
                 Support Groups
                 Community Presentations for Weight Loss Surgery
                 Patient Resources
                 Contact Us
                 Baldrige National Quality Award
                 Locations of cancer clinics
                      Oncology Inpatient Services at PVH
                 Research and Clinical Trials
                 Radiation Oncology Department
                      Our new TrueBeam STx radiosurgery
                       Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)
                      Your Radiation Oncology Team
                      What to Expect - First Visit
                      Radiation Treatment Planning
                      During Radiation Treatment
                      After Radiation Treatment
                 Our Approach to Cancer Care
                      Treatment Services
                      Your Care Team
                      The Cancer Journey
                                Diagnosis and Prognosis
                 Support Services
                      Patient Navigation
                      Oncology Counseling and Support Groups
                      Cancer Transitions - a LIVESTRONG-funded program
                      Sharing the Cancer Journey
                      Cancer Massage
                      Cancer Rehabilitation
                      Pet Therapy
                      Cancer Registry
                 Cancer Center
                 Early detection and prevention
                      Breast Health Services
                      Skin cancer screening
                      Colon Health
                      Testicular Cancer Early Detection
                      Prostate Health
                 Patient stories
                 About Cancer
                      Helpful Resources
                 Patient testimonials
                      Linda Fisher's heart story
                      Richard's heart story
                      Linda's heart story
                      Brian's heart story
                      Ricardo's heart story
                 Online heart assessment tool
                 Medical Center of the Rockies cardiac services
                 Poudre Valley Hospital cardiac services
                 Our heart and vascular team
                 Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery
                      Coronary artery bypass
                      Valve repair or replacement
                 Heart tests and procedures
                      Radial artery catheterization
                      Balloon Angioplasty and Stents
                      Genetic Testing
                      Cardiac catherterization
                      Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Closure
                      Electrocardiogram (EKG)
                      Heart Rhythm Monitoring
                      Nuclear Cardiology
                      Stress / Exercise Testing
                      Tilt Table
                      Ultrasounds and Scans
                 Heart rhythm tests and procedures (electrophysiology)
                      Radiofrequency ablation
                      Electrophysiology (EP) study
                      Atrial fibrillation / flutter
                      Pacemaker implantation
                           Pacemakers - pre-procedure instructions
                           Pacemakers - what to expect in the prep area
                           Pacemakers - what to expect in the procedure area
                           Pacemakers - what happens in the recovery area
                           Pacemakers - At home instructions
                           Pacemaker device maintenance
                 Cardiac rehabilitation
                      Cardiac rehabilitation phase one
                      Cardiac rehabilitation phase two
                      Cardiac rehabilitation phase three
                      Cardiac rehabilitation phase four
                 Specialty clinics
                      Anticoagulation clinic
                      Amiodarone clinic
                      Pacemaker/defibrillator clinic
                      Infusion clinic
                      Sports cardiology clinic
                      Vascular clinic
                 Heart valve clinic
                      Valve clinic specialists
                      For referring providers
                      Heart murmur
                      Aortic stenosis
                      Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)
                 Heart Failure University
                 Women's heart health program
                      Facts about women and heart disease
                      WomenHeart Support Network
                      Community screenings and wellness opportunities
                 Preventive cardiology clinic
                      Coronary calcium scans
                      C-reactive protein blood test
                      Carotid IMT test
                 Risk factors
                      High cholesterol
                 Support services
                 Research and clinical trials
                 Helpful resources
                 Heart Half Marathon, 10K, 5K
                 Orthopedic treatments and procedures
                 Support Services
            Robotic-Assisted Surgery
                 All Robotic Specialties
                 Urology - Robotic Surgery
                 Gynecology - Robotic Surgery
                 Robo2K: Live Twittercast of robotic surgery
                      Twittercast FAQs
                      Replay: Robotic-assisted hysterectomy Twittercast
            Trauma Center of the Rockies
                 Air Link at Medical Center of the Rockies
                 About Trauma
                 Trauma - Clinical Services
                 Trauma Levels and Verification
                 Trauma Team
                 Ambulance and EMS Service
                 Patient and Family Education
                 Trauma Prevention
                 Emergency Preparedness
            Women and Family Care
                 Pediatric Care
                      MCR Women and Children's Unit
                      PVH Pediatric Unit
                      Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip Surgery
                           Cleft Patients - Before and After Photos
                           Before and after photos Dr. Boustred
                                Patient B
                                Patient C
                           Before and after photos Dr. Tsoi
                                Patient A
                                Patient B
                                Patient C
                                Patient D
                           What is Cleft Lip and Palate?
                           If Your Baby Has a Cleft Lip or Palate
                           Cleft Clinic Team
                                Cleft Surgeon Dr. Mark Boustred
                                Pediatric Orthodontist Dr. Jennifer Hargleroad
                                Cleft Surgeon Dr. Chris Tsoi
                      Children's Therapy Services
                      Community Health Programs
                      Helpful Resources
                 Maternity Care in northern Colorado
                      Pre-admission for labor and delivery
                      Birthing Services
                           Birthing Services - Pre-admission for labor and delivery
                           Baby-Friendly Hospital
                                Can Do 5! Breastfeeding Award
                           Before You Arrive
                           What to bring for labor and delivery
                           Labor and Delivery at PVH or MCR
                           Labor and Delivery Team
                           Cesarean Section
                                What to expect with a C-section delivery
                                C-section recovery at the hospital
                           Elective induction of labor and elective c-sections
                           What to expect at the hospital after labor
                           Skin-to-skin care
                           High-Risk Patients
                           Antepartum Care
                           Adoption and Surrogacy Support Program
                           Helpful Resources
                      Postpartum Care
                           Baby-Friendly Hospital
                           Infant Security
                           Postpartum Depression
                           37 Week Infant
                      Becoming a Family Book
                      Breastfeeding Support
                           Breast Pumps
                           Baby-Friendly Hospital
                                Baby-Friendly Hospital - Can Do 5! Breastfeeding Award
                           Breastfeeding Benefits
                           Breastfeeding Tips
                           Hand Expression of Breast Milk
                           Breastfeeding positions
                           Breastfeeding latch-on
                           Sore Nipples and the Breastfeeding Mother
                           Breast Milk Storage Guidelines
                           Donating Breast Milk
                           How long should I breast-feed my baby?
                           Introducing Solids
                      Poudre Valley Prenatal Program
                      Neonatal ICU at Poudre Valley Hospital
                           NICU Services
                           Visiting the NICU
                           NICU Team
                           Late Preterm Infant
                           NICU Frequently Asked Questions
                           Giving birth to multiples
                           Helpful NICU Resources
                           NICU parent advice
                           Preemie Reunion
                      Special Care Nursery at Medical Center of the Rockies
                           Visiting the Special Care Nursery
                           Special Care Nursery Team
                           Late Preterm Infant
                           Helpful Resources
                      PVH and MCR support the March of Dimes March for Babies
                           2011 PVH March for Babies Team
                      Adoption and Surrogacy Support Program
                      Classes and Events
                      Caring for mom after birth and loss
                      Caring for mom after a C-section birth and loss
                      Breast care after losing your baby
                      How friends and family can help after a baby dies
                           What can I do to help grieving parents?
                      Children in grief
                           Children grieve differently than adults
                           Age-appropriate messages about death
                           Children's expressions of grief
                           Resources for grieving children
                      Community Bereavement Resources
                           Mortuary Services
                 Gynecology Services
                      OB/GYN Surgery
                      Gynecology Team
                      Helpful Resources
            All Services
            Poudre Valley Medical Fitness
                 Become a Member
                 Tour the Poudre Valley Medical Fitness
                 Meet Our Medical Fitness Team
                 Events and Schedules
                 Physical therapy at Poudre Valley Medical Fitness
                 Corporate Membership Plan
            Hospitals and Clinics
                 Poudre Valley Hospital
                      Gardens at PVH
                           Features of Gardens at PVH
                 Medical Center of the Rockies
                      Air Link at Medical Center of the Rockies
                           Service commitment
                           Flight team
                           Service area
                           Inter-facility transport resources
                           Scene transport resources
                      Pathway to Remembrance
                      Snooty Booty Boutique
                      Medical Center of the Rockies cookbook project
                      Research & Education
                           Family intervention study
                           Community Research Interest Form
                      Nursing Memorabilia Gallery Walk
                 Harmony Campus
                 Westbridge Medical Suites
                 Greeley Emergency and Surgery Center
                      Urgent vs. emergent
                      Community Open House and Tours
                      Greeley Teddy Bear Hospital
            Events and Classes
                 Earth Day Project
            Community Health
                 5210 Challenge
                      HealthyU events
                      HealthyU Adventures
                      March MAN-ness
                 Classes and Events
                 Aspen Club/Senior Services
                      Aspen Club Events
                      Application and Registration
                      Program Benefits
                      Social Opportunities
                      Health Screenings
                      Aspen Club Newsletter
                      Helpful Resources
                      Meet Charlotte
                      Aspen Club Contact
                 Bright Beginnings Program
                 Choose the Right Road
                 Health Management
                      Enhance Wellness Comparison
                 Healthy Families
                 Healthy Hearts
                 Healthy Kids Club
                      Healthy Kids in School
                           5210 Schools on the Move Challenge
                           Classroom Resources
                           Walkathon Fundraisers
                           Health Education
                      Healthy Kids and Fit.Teen Run Series
                      Fit Families on the Move
                 Healthy Recipes
                      Nutrition Month recipes
                           Baked Potato Bar
                           Chicken Fajitas with Green Chili
                           Kale Salad with Artichokes
                           Potato and Asparagus Salad
                           Roasted Carrot and Beet Salad with Feta
                           Roasted Vegetable Salad
                           Salmon with Pineapple Salsa
                           Sweet and Sour Chicken with Brown Rice
                      Heart Healthy recipes
                           Spaghetti-Squash Pasta
                           Garlic & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
                           Apple-Cinnamon Protein Oatmeal
                           Honey-Walnut Seasoned Salmon
                           Mediterranean Salmon
                           Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Cupcakes
                           Southwestern Salad
                           Mozzarella Chicken Orzo with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
                           Spinach & White Beans Gnocchi
                      HealthyU Pricing Pilot
                      HealthyU Breakfast
                      Super Bowl party recipes
                           Farm fresh veggie skewers
                           Curry Cashews
                           Kale Bacon and Onions
                           Autumn Pear Salad
                           Super Easy Hummus
                           Black Bean Buffalo Chili
                           Baked Chicken Fingers
                      Healthy sack lunch recipes
                 Safety information for kids
                      Keeping your child safe and talking to them about tragedy
                      Car seat fit station
                      Holiday Safety for Kids
                      Toy Safety
                      Water Safety for Kids
                 Health and Wellness Orchestra
                 Subscribe to enews
            University of Colorado Health mobile site
                 Wait times
                 Urgent care
            Privacy Policy
            Site Map
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About PVHS
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Awards and Recognition

University of Colorado Health employees dedicate themselves to providing patients and other customers with world-class care and service. Outside organizations recognize that, calling University of Colorado Health's hospitals some of the best in Colorado and even the best in the nation. Some of those accolades are listed below:



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