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Insider North Volume 1, Issue 2
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PVH, MCR stroke programs improve patient outcomes
High Park Fire evacuation in Poudre Canyon came as a surprise
High Park Fire: Building connections in crisis
Employees tell their High Park Fire stories and share their photos
Moving ahead with or without the Supreme Court
Job switch at the top of UC Health
New emergency department, surgery center bring Greeley more than medical benefits
Top Box: Passion for patient satisfaction
UCH stroke program earns third straight joint commission certification
Hospital video updates: June 20, 2012
Not going to the dogs is the way to go
Helicopter program flies to success
Nurse donates breast milk by the gallon
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Got sport? Three physicians offer tips on avoiding injuries

Employees tell their High Park Fire stories and share their photos


After hearing about the need to evacuate, Karen Post unloaded her dishwasher, which gave her a few moments to think about what to do. Paramedics shot photographs of the fire and one employee, Fiona Libsack, helped out by taking in an evacuee's dog.

Aaron Applegate, paramedic, took this photograph of firefighters in front of a forest blaze while he on duty with one of the PVH ambulances stationed onsite.
Crystal Foust, financial counselor at Family Medicine Center, took the photo above while helping friends evacuate from County Road 29C.
Wendy Wessels, RN in MCR's OR, took the photo above from near her property in Glacier View Meadows. She tells her story in the left column.
Enjoying the dog: Fiona Libsack with her children Morgan and Max, and Maya, the dog. Their story is in the left column
David Herder, Mountain Crest RN, on site as a volunteer fireman. See his story in the left column.
Sarah McIntosh, paramedic, was with one of the PVH ambulance stationed to assist firefighters when she took this photo in the Bellvue area.

Karen Post, billing and insurance specialist

What an experience to be evacuated from your home. When the call came Sunday afternoon to evacuate from my home off Shorline Drive near County Road 38E North, the first thing I did was unload my dishwasher.

I know you are thinking, what a strange thing to do. I needed time to think and decide what is important to take. My decision: important papers, pictures and items I could never replace, as long as size was reasonable.

The generosity of my friends and family were priceless. I had eight offers from friends and family, opening their homes to our family. We decided to stay with our son and daughter-in-law, but the feeling of being loved and cared about was wonderful.

Fortunately, I was able to get back into my home Wednesday evening. I did not sustain any damage and am grateful.

Wendy Wessels, RN in MCR's OR

My husband and I have property in Glacier View Meadows. Although we were planning to build a cabin there, we only have a shed/outbuilding on it right now.

As we got the pre-evacuation notice for our area, we made a trip up and emptied the shed of all our belongings, including an ATV and paddle boat. We were very thankful that we did, as we got the mandatory evacuation notice 36 hours later when the fire jumped the Poudre River to the south and was burning just a mile from our property.

We are waiting to hear if the firefighters were successful in holding back the flames. We so appreciative of all their hard work and perseverance.

(Note: As of June 20, the shed still stood.)

Fiona Libsack, marketing specialist

Richard Schettler and I met during a patient interview in April for this year's Heart Center of the Rockies' marketing and public relations campaign. He and his wife Dixie were so kind to invite me into their Rist Canyon home to document Richard's heart story. It was there that I met their dog Maya, a beautiful five-year-old Chesapeake retriever.

When I heard about the High Park fire, my mind immediately went to the Schettlers. I emailed Richard to ask if they were okay and if there was anything at all that we could do for them.

He responded by saying that they had evacuated to his son's home in Montana but weren't able to take Maya. He hated the thought of her being in the shelter and asked if we would mind picking her up and giving her a temporary home. Of course, I said yes. It was the least I could do for my new friends.

Maya is a such a sweet dog and a fun guest to have in our home.

While we will hate to see her go home someday, we are glad to love her, take her on walks and give her a big back yard to play in while she waits for Richard and Dixie to return.

David Herder, Mountain Crest registered nurse

I am a volunteer EMT/Fire Fighter for the Livermore Fire Protection District. A few days before the High Park Fire, we had a fire called the Stuart Hole Fire that started June 4 and we were able to get out by June 7. It was an intense fire. It endangered my home, but we made good progress until the fire was licked.

Then, following the Stuart Hole Fire, LFPD was involved with the recent High Park Fire evacuations at Bonner Springs Ranch. Since this fire response is federally managed, the LFPD has had little involvement. But this leaves us available to help protect our our neighboring fire district toward the south, in the Poudre Canyon.

It's been a busy June.

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