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Interventional Radiology

Vascular Procedures

Angiography - An x-ray technique that looks at the arteries and veins to see blockages and other blood vessel problems by injecting contrast material into the area of interest.

Balloon Angioplasty - Opens blocked or narrowed blood vessels by inserting a very small balloon on the tip of a special catheter into the artery and inflating it. Angioplasty can unblock clogged arteries in the legs or arms (called peripheral vascular disease, P.V.D.), kidneys, brain or elsewhere in the body.

Central Venous Access - A tube is inserted beneath the skin and into the blood vessels so patients can have blood drawn, or can receive medication or nutrients directly into the blood stream.

Embolization - Clotting agents (coils, plastic particles, gelfoam, etc) are directly delivered to an area that is bleeding, or to block blood flow to a problem area, such as an aneurysm, varicoceles in men, fibroid (benign) tumor in a women's uterus and liver tumors.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization - A minimally invasive procedure that is a safe and effective way to reduce pain, cramping and abnormal bleeding associated with fibroids. Guided by X-ray a catheter is placed into the femoral artery and guided to the uterine arteries where the fibroid is located. Synthetic particles are injected into the arteries that treat the fibroids.

Varicoceles Embolization - This is a minimally invasive procedure to reduce pain, infertility or atrophy of the testicles from varicose veins. A catheter is placed in the right common femoral vein and guided to testicular vein. Once there, small metal coils are moved through the catheter and deposited in the vein to create a blockage. This stops the flow of blood and lowers the pressure in the varicoceles.

Hemodialysis Access Maintenance - Use of angioplasty or thrombolysis (clot dissolving medicines) to open grafts for hemodialysis, which treats kidney failure.

Stent - A small flexible tube made of plastic or wire mesh, used in a variety of medical conditions (e.g., to hold open clogged arteries or other pathways that have been narrowed or blocked by tumors or obstructions).

Thrombolysis - Dissolves blood clots by injecting clot-busting drugs at the site of the clot.



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