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Orthopedic treatments and procedures

Orthopedic treatment and procedures at Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies

Joint surgery/joint replacement
Back/neck surgery
Ligament and tendon repair
Hand surgery
Articular knee cartilage repair
Inpatient Orthopedic Unit
LifeSkills Rehabilitation Unit
Sports Medicine

Joint surgery/joint replacement

This surgery replaces arthritic or damaged joints in the ankles, hips, knees, shoulders, or elbows with artificial joints, made from specially designed metal alloys and polyethylene. Some patients may qualify to have their hip replacement done with a minimally invasive approach using small incisions. Our care of patients for hip and knee replacements has been recognized as one of the best nationally.

Total knee replacement at Poudre Valley Hospital (pdf)
Total knee replacement at Medical Center of the Rockies (pdf)

Total hip replacement at Poudre Valley Hospital (pdf)
Total hip replacement at Medical Center of the Rockies (pdf)

Back/neck surgery

Our specialists can remove discs and perform spinal fusion -- fusing bones to stabilize a weak back. A new artificial disc for use in certain kinds of back surgeries may be an option for some individuals.

Cervical spine surgery (pdf)
Lumbar spine surgery (pdf)
Thorasic spine surgery (pdf)


This is a treatment for people with osteoporosis who suffer compression fractures in a vertebra in their spine. With kyphoplasty, an orthopedic surgeon makes two tiny incisions near the fracture and inserts a needle with a tiny balloon attached. The balloon is inflated to restore the collapsed vertebra's height, and bone cement is injected to stabilize the break. An overnight hospital stay is required.

Ligament and tendon repair

To correct torn or otherwise damaged shoulders, hands, knees, and anterior cruciate ligaments (the band of tissue connecting the large bone in your thigh to the bone in your shin- also known as ACLs).

Hand surgery

Hand-injury repairs and carpal tunnel problems.


Arthroscopy features a tiny incision that allows a surgeon to diagnose and treat a joint condition without an extensive operation. To do this, surgeons use a small, fiber-optic instrument with a tiny lens, light source, and video camera.

Articular knee cartilage repair

Using arthroscopy, the Orthopedic Center surgeons can remove a tiny sample of your healthy knee cartilage tissue. Your cells are then cultivated in a laboratory, and when they are mature, your surgeon will remove your damaged knee cartilage and replace it with the healthy cartilage which will gradually regenerate as normal tissue.

Inpatient Orthopedic Unit

This nursing floor is designed to meet the needs of all orthopedic patients, including persons with joint replacements, trauma, and fractures.

LifeSkills Rehabilitation Unit

If you need rehabilitation after your surgery and qualify for insurance coverage for rehab, our LifeSkills Rehabilitation Unit offers a custom education and exercise program tailored to your specific needs.

A team of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and music therapists, social workers, and others is dedicated to helping you regain your strength and independence and return to normal activities after surgery.

Our staff also works closely with several area outpatient rehabilitation programs as well as short-term and long-term rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes. You can choose to use LifeSkills or any other facility that suits your needs.

Sports medicine

Orthopedic physician practices offer comprehensive sports medicine programs. Contact the Orthopedic & Spine Center of the Rockies, Northern Colorado Orthopedic Associates, or Dr. Garth Nelson for care or for more information on their services.

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University of Colorado Health employees dedicate themselves to providing patients and other customers with world-class care and service. Outside organizations recognize that, calling University of Colorado Health's hospitals some of the best in Colorado and even the best in the nation. Some of those accolades are listed below:



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