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Nursing Services

Nursing Services at Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, Colo.

Our staff provides nursing services at Medical Center of the Rockies in these departments:

Cardiac Unit
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Clinical Education
Dialysis Unit
Emergency Department
Employee Health
ET/Ostomy Service
Heart Center Cath Lab
IV Team
Mother & Family Center
Operating Rooms/Surgical Services
Post Trauma/Medical-Surgical Units
Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Trauma Center of the Rockies

Nursing services information

PVHS evaluates and uses new technologies that benefit patients and families. We study and improve the way we provide tests and treatments. We work closely with physicians to evaluate the care we offered and what worked, what didn't, and why. We also constantly work to improve our customer service -- that's a major focus for us, and our senior managers and department directors.

Medical Center of the Rockies inpatient nursing service information

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Cardiac Unit

The Cardiac Unit's staff at Medical Center of the Rockies cares for a wide variety of patients with a heart diagnosis: myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, and patients who have rhythm disorders. The cardiac unit has an active and a passive family waiting area. The active family waiting areas are equipped with a full kitchen for those family members who would like to bring in specialty items.

The Cardiac Unit is part of the Heart Center of the Rockies, a "specialty cardiac hospital within a hospital." The Heart Center includes one diagnostic cardiac lab and provides a full range of outpatient cardiac testing, such as exercise stress testing, outpatient cardiac infusions, dobutamine stress echocardiograms, Trans-esophogeal echos, cardioversions, and many other outpatient procedures

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit is a 24-bed unit that serves all cardiopulmonary patients requiring comprehensive health assessments. Nurses and physicians in this specialized unit provide complex responses to life threatening problems. Twelve of the beds are designated as CICU and are utilized for patients requiring cardiothoracic surgery, intra-aortic balloon pumps, SLED (Slow Low Efficiency Dialysis), and rapid titration of multiple vasoactive or antiarrhythmic drugs. The remaining 12 beds designated as Intermediate CICU are utilized for vascular surgery, carotid stenting, TPA administration, sheath care, stable long-term ventilated patients, and patients requiring a higher level of cardiopulmonary monitoring.

Dialysis Unit

The Dialysis Unit provides care for inpatients. The unit can provide dialysis for up to four patients at a time.

Emergency Services

Medical Center of the Rockies' Emergency Department (Emergency Room, or ER) has 17 private rooms and two trauma rooms that can function as OR suites if necessary. The elevator from the rooftop helipad facilitates rapid treatment of all patients delivered to the Emergency Department. The emergency services area also has a state-of-the-art decontamination facility, and 12 ambulance bays.

ET/Ostomy Care

Our ET/Ostomy nurses provide wound and ostomy care to inpatients.

HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen)

Our Hyperbaric service consists of one chamber and offers treatment for non-emergent HBO cases and wound therapy.

Operating Rooms/Surgery, SAC & PACU

Medical Center of the Rockies has a comprehensive surgical services program featuring advanced technology, robotic surgery, and many other innovations. There are eight surgical suites and two endoscopy suites in the Operating Room. PACU (Post Acute Care Unit) has 10 Phase I recovery beds for patients in the immediate post-anesthesia period. ODSC is equipped with 10 Phase II recovery beds. The SAC unit provides 11 admitting beds for patient use prior to surgery.

Mother & Family Center

Having a baby is an exciting time for families. Staff who work in the Mother and Family Center work collaboratively to provide a personal and memorable experience for families. The Mother and Family Center offers all private rooms with exceptional amenities: jetted tubs, flat screen television with interactive entertainment and education capabilities, sleeper sofas, mini refrigerators and beautiful views of the Front Range. The unit cares for patients prior to, during, and after the delivery of their baby.

If a Cesarean section is needed, the unit provides two Operating Room suites and a recovery room. There is a separate nursery for babies who might need additional care. We recognize the value that family and friends offer and we encourage their involvement during this exciting time. Our goal is for mom, baby and family to have the most relaxing and comfortable experience possible.

Post Trauma/Medical-Surgical

Post Trauma/Surgical-4 North unit provides care for stable trauma patients and post-op surgical patients, specializing in the care of orthopedic and spine surgeries. Patient rooms offer beautiful views, interactive flat screen TVs, wireless network and mini refrigerators. The Post Trauma unit has both active and passive family waiting areas. There is a full family kitchen with dining area.

Medical/Neuro-4 South unit specializes in the care of stable patients with medical needs and neurological disorders. The unit mirrors the Post Trauma unit in design offering the same amenities.

Surgical ICU

The unit consists of 12 Surgical-Trauma ICU beds and 12 Surgical-Trauma Intermediate Beds, including four pediatric beds. The Surgical Trauma ICU specializes in the care of unstable multiple trauma patients, head injury patients with or without intra-cranial monitoring, cerebral hemorrhage or CVA, intubated and severely respiratory compromised patients, including those with sepsis and those who need dialysis.

The Surgical-Trauma Intermediate Care Unit specializes in the care of stable surgical patients who require close monitoring, medically stable ventilated patients, and stable post-op, neuro-surgical patients. There are four pediatric beds on the unit for children needing trauma and post-op surgical nursing care.

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More information

Please review our nursing recruitment brochure (PDF) and contact our nurse recruitment team:

Human Resources Recruitment Team
970.495.7800 or 970.624.1240

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